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About Our Farm

Riks moved to Canada to start our farm in 2002 and in the beginning he only had 40 cows and a tiny stanchion barn.  Now we milk 120 cows twice a day in a milking parlor that fits 18 at a time!  In 2016, Nicole started milking cows for Riks....and as they say, the rest is history.  They married a year later.  When Nicole entered the picture, so did a few other team members; Rosie (our border collie), Peter and Edmund (our goats), Eustace (our sheep), and Puzzle (our donkey).  Not to mention all of our cats and our chickens and roosters! 


A few years ago, we decided to try doing things a little differently.  Now we practice regenerative agriculture in our fields, planting multi-species non-GMO crops throughout the year to keep our soil healthy and to produce quality silage to feed our cows.  We don't spray our crop and use all fertilizers very minimally.  We don't use hormones on our farm.  And we're happy with the results of these new practices. 

Bottom line?  We love our animals, we're thankful to God for all of our blessings, and we want to share those with you.  Come down to the farm, meet our family (human and animals!), and take home some delicious meat or free range eggs to enjoy.  

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